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Gittylele Build-it-Yourself DIY (Soprano) Ukulele Kit

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Countless songwriters and strummers are choosing the simple ukulele as their preferred axe over conventional guitars.  From teenagers singing on their YouTube channels to some of the biggest names in modern music, the ukulele is one of the hottest sounds today.  

The new Gittylele kit puts a radical D.I.Y. spin on the uke – delivering a great sounding instrument that invites builders to paint, mod and customize.  
Each kit includes all of the parts necessary to build a fully playable soprano (13") or concert (15") scale ukulele. The uke built from this kit has 4 nylon strings and is tuned the same as conventional ukuleles, gCEA. To build the kit, you just need some wood glue, sandpaper and basic tools like a screwdriver, clamps/heavy books/rubber bands and a small hammer. Assembly takes between one and two hours, and requires only basic skills. Children under 12 years of age will need the help of an adult.
The parts in this kit are laser-cut from 1/8" and 1/4" birch plywood, with all of the cutting and kit preparation being done here in our own New Hampshire, USA workshops. Our own Jason Munoz designed the kit based on a rough sketch from company owner Ben "Gitty" Baker, and we are very proud to make this very special product available to instrument builders worldwide. We are also working on larger ukulele scale sizes (Concert, Tenor & Baritone) in this same style!
Click here to view the full-color how-to assembly guide for this kit.
Here is a full assembly video from our friend Daniel Hulbert!