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AROMA ADR-3 Dumbler Amp Simulator Mini Effect Pedal with True Bypass

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Full metal shell, durable and exquisite.
4 controlling knobs are accurate and high sensitive.
Volume knob: Adjust the output volume.
Voice knob: Adjust the color of overdrive.
Tone knob: Adjust the brightness.
Gain knob: Adjust the gain.
Output jack: 1/4" mono audio jack for signal output.
Input jack: 1/4" mono audio jack for connecting guitar.
True bypass footswitch and lever designed to prevent stamping on operation knobs.

Model: AROMA  ADR-3
Effect: Simulator
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Input Impedance: 470 Ohms
Output Impedance: 1K Ohms
Current Draw: 7 mA 
Power supply: AC Adapter 9V DC (not included)
Item Size: 9 * 3.8 * 4.8cm / 3.5 * 1.5 * 1.8in
Item Weight: 151g / 5.3oz
Package Size: 12 * 7 * 6.5cm / 4.7 * 2.7 * 2.5in
Package Weight: 246g / 8.6oz

Please use the 9V power adapter whose polarity is positive pole outside and negative pole inside. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.

Package List:
1 * Guitar Effect Pedal
2 * Adhesive Tape
1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)
1 * Hardcover Box