BIYANG DS-10 BABY BOOM Series 3 Modes Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Full Metal Shell

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The DS-10 is specifically designed to reproduce the sound, feel and crunch of several different classic "Marshall" tube guitar amps. Getting the real tube amp feel and “girth” is something a lot of pedals promise, but we feel the brownie DS-10 delivers.

Distortion guitar effect pedal with true bypass and LED indicator.
3 distortion modes(Normal, Bright, Warm), selected via the toggle switch.
With TONE, LEVEL and GAIN control knobs; fast and low loss signal transfer.
Smart compact circuit design, full metal shell and heavy duty footswitch, very durable.
Dual power supply choices (9V battery or DC 9V power adapter) for convenient usage.

Distortion Modes:
--Normal is the glowing tube, fat and gutsy four-input “Plexi” sound. Lots of mids, chunky warm bottom end and a crisp, relaxed high end.
--Bright is a crunchier, punchier version, more of a good, hot modded plexi sound.
--Warm is a more compressed lead sound with a bit of a midrange scoop- like a hotrodded JCM-800.

Material: Metal
Inputs: 1/4″Jack
Outputs: 1/4″Jack
Power Supply: Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61) or Carbon-zinc battery (9V, 6F22) or DC 9V 200mA adapter (positive outside and negative inside)(both are not included)
Item Size: approx. 11.5 * 6 * 3.5cm / 4.5 * 2.4 * 1.4in
Item Weight: approx. 270g / 9.5oz
Package Size: approx. 14 * 8.5 * 6.5cm / 5.5 * 3.3 * 2.6in
Package Weight: approx. 355g / 12.5oz

The power adapter and battery are not included.
Please use the power adapter whose polarity is positive pole outside and negative pole inside. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.

Package List:
1 * Effect Pedal