Black Guitar Pickup Piezo Jack Transducer For Acoustic Mandolin Ukulele Violin

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Pickup Piezo Transducer for Acoustic Guitar Violin Ukulele Mandolin

Fitting Instructions:
1. Remove the plastic film from the back of the transducer to expose the adhesive.2. Place the transducer through the sound hole to the lower part of the front body where the guitar produces the best tonal response (try a number of different positions and you will discover your instruments sweet spot). Be sure to remove any dust before placing.3. Drill a hole from inside body, loosen the end--pin jack nut, insert it to the hole, and tighten the nut.Above steps just for reference. It is depending on different instruments using.


Cable length: Approx. 40cm/ 15.7inJack : 6.35 single audioColor: BlackWeight: 13g/ 0.45ozFeatures:

Specially designed for acoustic instruments, letting you electrify your acoustic sound and giving your instrument a new lease of life for amplification purposes.Fit for almost string music instruments such as guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, etc.Package Included:
1 * Transducer pickup