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Diddley Bow (One-string Guitar) By CB Gitty

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The mythical one-string guitar from blues and Americana folklore.  

This is the instrument that Blind Willie Johnson first learned slide guitar.  

Countless other music legends have started with a diddley bow, too.  

What is a diddley bow?

A musical bow, forerunner of the diddley bowA diddley bow is a one-string instrument whose lineage goes back thousands of years.

The first prototype diddley bow (in the style also known as a Musical Bow) was painted on cave walls in France upwards of 15,000 years ago!

Traditionally, diddley bows were made using a plank with two nails/posts with a tightened string stretched between them.

When that string is plucked or struck with a stick, and a smooth hard object is used as a slide and moved up and down on the string, different pitches result and melodies can be played.